Melissa in the Morning: Farm Fresh Connecticut

Anonymous chef harvesting fresh vegetables in an agricultural field. Self-sustainable female chef arranging a variety of freshly picked produce into a crate on an organic farm.

Melissa in the Morning: Farm Fresh Connecticut

Connecticut learned in 15 months, one million pounds of locally grown, healthy food made it to people who rely on food pantries in our state. Commissioner of the Dept. of Agriculture, Bryan Hurlburt, talked about the significance of these findings. We also learned about resources to explore the more than 5,000 farms in our state. ((00:00))

Now that Twitter is becoming a more common place for news conferences, how do we determine if something is fact or opinion; accurate or exaggerated; credible or fake? Social media consultant, Krista Carnes, weighed in on the topic. ((15:29))

Julie on the Job: how to gain emotional intelligence and become more comfortable with social interactions at work. ((27:17))

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