Melissa in the Morning: What do you Mean Merging?!

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Melissa in the Morning: What do you Mean Merging?!

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf will merge. The once-rivals will now combine into a new, yet-to-be-named company. Did this unexpected decision really come down to the God Almighty buck? Local sports announcer, Rob Adams, reacts to the news. ((00:00))

Tonight marks the 10th annual gala for Sandy Hook Promise Foundation. We spoke with the non-profit’s CEO and co-founder, Nicole Hockley, about the last decade of work and significance of tonight’s ceremony. ((08:20))

It’s CPR and AED Awareness Week and the American Red Cross is sharing the importance of CPR training, especially ahead of the summer season. ((16:49))

Today is Global Running Day and we highlighted a Connecticut woman who kept her love for running going, even after losing her vision. Meet Karen and her guide dog, Flint! ((25:28))

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