Melissa in the Morning: Has Anyone Read the Whole Thing?

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Melissa in the Morning: Has Anyone Read the Whole Thing?

Overnight, the House passed a budget agreement and now it’s down to the state Senate approving the 800+ page document. We spoke with Senator James Maroney (D-Milford) before he went up to Hartford this afternoon. What’s in the agreement and have lawmakers read it enough to feel confident before voting? ((00:00))

National statistics show 31% of adults are afraid to fail; and that doesn’t include children. As the school year wraps up and students enter their final exams, how do we handle failing in a healthy way? Counselor Julius Dudics shares the fine line between failure being a great teacher or major debilitation for people and how to cope. ((11:33))

We are in what’s known as the 100 deadliest days on the road for teen drivers. AAA’s Fran Mayko shares alarming data about the summer season and what factors play major roles in the problem. ((24:30))

Congratulations to 45 local teens honored for their community projects with the Girl Scout Gold Award. Diana Mahoney shared the significance of this award and some of the projects highlighted this year. ((33:22))

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