Melissa in the Morning: Dyslexic Thinking

Dyslexia as learning disorder and understanding problem tiny person concept. Mental illness with text reading difficulty and disability to recognize letters compared with healthy vector illustration.

Melissa in the Morning: Dyslexic Thinking

According to national data, more than 40 million US adults have dyslexia, with only 2 million of them receiving a diagnosis. When you learn your child is dyslexic, it can feel so overwhelming to determine what happens next. Weston mother, Jennifer Bernheim, created Right to Read Advocacy, to support families touched by dyslexia. ((00:00))

Tick 101: we spoke with our Lyme expert, Jessica Snajder of Partner in Lyme about signs of infection, tick protection, tick testing and tick checks. ((15:27))

Housing Bill 6781, “An Act Addressing Housing Affordability for Residents in the State” is being taken up before the legislative session ends next week. CT169Strong shared their concerns on the hodgepodge of bills being rolled into one and what all Connecticut residents need to know. ((31:42))

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