Melissa in the Morning: “It’s Creepy”

Portrait Boy holding his finger to touch robotics arm finger for STEM concept interacting with a cyborg ,Humanoid robot finger and children finger meets in front of blackboard

Melissa in the Morning: “It’s Creepy”

Senator Richard Blumenthal did a deep dive into his concerns over artificial intelligence. He also addressed what kind of regulation can be in place to better control it and who would be in charge of oversight. ((00:00))

May is mental health awareness month and we want to know if Connecticut has enough resources in place for residents. Comptroller Sean Scanlon shared what the state is doing to support affordable, adequate options for kids and adults struggling. He also touched on the controversy of whether mental health facilities should be invested in. ((13:10))

The controversial Vision Zero bill has passed through the Connecticut House and now heads to the Senate for a vote. We spoke to Senator Tony Hwang who is the ranking member of the Transportation Committee about the bill and why some oppose it. We also touched on scary street takeovers in Connecticut and whether the beach bill is dead. ((23:34))

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