Melissa in the Morning: The Opioid Crisis

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Melissa in the Morning: The Opioid Crisis

A Connecticut father lost his son to an opioid overdose and created a non-profit to spread awareness. It’s called Tears From Heaven. We learned all about it from founder Sinco Steendam and got a preview of the Four Corners challenge coming up June first. ((00:00))

Could Connecticut see a return of professional hockey to Hartford? Governor Lamont is meeting with the NHL this week about the potential relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to the XL Center. We spoke with our sports expert, Rob Adams, about the talks and how likely it is that the NHL sends us a team. ((14:39))

We are just days away from Memorial Day weekend and travelers are going to be out in FULL FORCE on the roads and in the air. Fran Mayko from AAA has new data on where people are going, how much things are costing and what you need to be prepared with ahead of time. ((30:56))

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