Melissa in the Morning: Animal Cruelty in CT

Abandoned and stray dogs in enclosures in winter.

Melissa in the Morning: Animal Cruelty in CT

Two recent cases this month of animal cruelty brings a question about oversight for in-home rescues and dealing with a mental health crisis. We spoke with UNH professor of forensic science, Virginia Maxwell, about these crimes and what can be done to combat the problem. ((00:00))

About 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with a peanut allergy. That’s why news of a promising skin patch exposing toddlers to peanuts is being called a game changer. We spoke with allergist, Dr. Phillip Hemmers, about the patch and get a better understanding of developing a peanut allergy. ((14:55))

Menthol cigars continue to kill tens of thousands of people a year. We spoke with Delmonte Jefferson, Executive Director of the Center for Black Health and Equity, about the problem and why the FDA needs to ban the product immediately. ((27:56))

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