Melissa in the Morning: Food Insecurity

Bread in shape world map on white plate. Gold fork and knife on a dark stone background. Abstract Concept of global hunger.

Melissa in the Morning: Food Insecurity

According to estimates from Feeding America, more than 490,000 Connecticut residents struggle with hunger; more than 131,000 children are food insecure. Coming to the Greater Danbury Area in the fall: Food Farmacy. Learn about this new center and what it means for those facing hunger in our state. ((00:00))

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are tackling a common issue every week with counselor, Julius Dudics. Today, we talked about depression. ((08:46))

A new recommendation suggests dropping the age for breast cancer screenings to begin at age 40. Why the significant change in less than a decade? We spoke with oncologist, Dr. Valerie Brutus, about breast cancer cases on the rise and why screenings need to happen sooner. ((18:19))

Julie on the Job: with so many layoffs happening, career strategist, Julie Bauke, talked about what to do and not do if it happens to you. ((25:45))

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