Melissa in the Morning: Puppy Mill Bills

Puppy so cute sleeping alone in cage dog with sadness and lonely

Melissa in the Morning: Puppy Mill Bills

Senator Richard Blumenthal has presented two bipartisan bills in an effort to eliminate puppy mills in the US. The problem? It’s not enough of a priority for lawmakers or even the everyday person. We hear the point of these bills and why the average American has no idea the scope of the problem. ((00:00))

Norwalk Hospital is one of the only sites in Connecticut offering tattoo-less radiation therapy for breast cancer. Find out from Dr. Philip Gilbo how patients do not need a permanent reminder of their breast cancer treatments with this new technology. ((11:06))

May is Women’s Health Care Month and Stroke Awareness Month. Dr. Paul Wright with Nuvance Health shared why women are at a higher risk than men for stroke and why it’s IMPERATIVE for you to call for an ambulance for someone experiencing a stroke. ((18:54))

As the number of electronic devices continues to escalate to serve our modern society, so too does the threat of lethal lithium-ion battery fires which power them up.  Rodger Mort, the inventor of Thermo Shield, shares how his product, the world’s first fire and gas-suppressant, paper-based packaging wrap, works. ((28:14))

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