Melissa in the Morning: Social Media and Mental Health

Child having her screen time while waiting in a restaurant

Melissa in the Morning: Social Media and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we continue to tackle different topics around this with our morning show counselor, Julius Dudics. This week, we tackled social media and screen time hurting people’s mental health and how to detect if you’re consuming too much! ((00:00))

Several deadly crashes happened last weekend in Connecticut including a few motorcycle riders killed. We spoke with a member of a well-known firefighter motorcycle club about misconceptions people have about bikers and why drivers may need a new perspective on some operators. ((12:58))

A middle school student in Michigan made national headlines last month for taking control of his school bus after the driver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. Fran Mayko of AAA talked about the impact of this story locally and why being an active passenger matters! ((23:16))

Julie on the Job: According to Fortune, a new report finds the skills gap is so wide that workers can’t keep up. But how do you keep up with technological changes, while also improving your soft skills? Julie Bauke gives us advice on this. ((32:57))

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