Melissa in the Morning: Infertility Rates

negative pregnancy test. sad woman on background

Melissa in the Morning: Infertility Rates

Last week was National Infertility Week and we wanted to do a deeper dive into the real life statistics for women trying to get pregnant. Dr. Andrew Levi of Park Avenue Fertility shared if infertility is becoming more common and if there are elements impacting the issue in today’s world. ((00:00))

A new study showed 22 melatonin gummies were mislabeled and is worrying parents, especially, who give those products to their kids for sleep. Sleep specialist, Dr. Steven Thau, does a deeper dive into the study and alternatives for kids struggling to go to bed. ((14:53))

A whistleblower complaint revealed potential animal neglect and abuse at a local aquarium in Trumbull. PETA shares the latest issues popping up at Seaquest. NOTE: We have made several attempts to speak with Seaquest about these complaints and have not heard back. ((28:59))

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