Melissa in the Morning: Underage Drinking Stats

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Melissa in the Morning: Underage Drinking Stats

For the first time in forever, some GOOD statistics on underage drinking! We spoke with Fairfield Cares about a recent report showing nationwide and locally, less kids are indulging in alcohol before turning 21. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and each week we will speak with counselor, Julius Dudics, about different, common issues people face. This week, we talked about combating obsession and control disorders. 

High cholesterol plagues so many Americans, but there are ways we can lower our levels naturally. Registered dietician, Melissa Keeney, shares how to have a healthier heart. 

Julie on the Job: Should your appearance be your demise in a career? We tackle the controversy over hair color, tattoos, piercings and general dress code impacting your workforce future. 

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