Melissa in the Morning: Time Share Scare

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Melissa in the Morning: Time Share Scare

Scam alert! The BBB is warning people about a potential vacation disaster: time share deception. Kristen Johnson shares why the fine print is important and finding the right exit company to partner with. ((00:00))

The Chick-Fil-A frenzy is back in Fairfield. First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick shared what changed in the plans since 2021. She also talked about the millions of dollars from the state helping with HVAC problems in schools. ((12:45))

All Our Kin is a national nonprofit focused on finding affordable, reliable and available child care options. Jessica Snager, CEO and Co-Founder, shared some major milestones around childcare and what upcoming changes are on the horizon for CT. ((26:54))

We remember Stew Leonard Sr. and the legacy he leaves behind. ((36:36))

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