Melissa in the Morning: Save Promise Club

Child taking the pistol firearm out of school bag and preparing for mass shooting.

Melissa in the Morning: Save Promise Club

This week is National Youth Violence Prevention Week: a week dedicated to inspiring kids to take a stand against violence in their schools and communities. At one Milford high school, they adopted the Save Promise Club this year and are already seeing big changes from the student body. We spoke with the club’s advisor and president about the group and plans to expand their work to other schools. ((00:00))

US Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut co-authored a social media bill to better protect teenagers. It would mean kids 13-17 need parental consent before getting on certain platforms. It also would ban children under 13 from creating accounts or interacting with other users. We talk about the bill and if it will be effective. We also got perspective on this from our new high school intern. ((11:09))

New research questions if there is a link between French fry consumption and depression. We spoke with Dr. Andrew Wong about the findings and who is most at risk of mental health impacts from the food. ((27:38))

Zoo Minute: The Zoo is opening the Kathy Brady Education Center at the Beardsley Zoo. ((35:49))

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