Melissa in the Morning: Termination Behavior

Termination of Employment and layoff concept, Stressed businessman feeling down after received Termination of Employment Form in paper brown envelope.

Melissa in the Morning: Termination Behavior

Three high-profile television workers are out of a job but their responses online can serve as a teaching moment for anyone entering or in the workforce. Julie Bauke shared the damage your behavior after termination can do to your future and why the higher road is the better path forward. ((00:00))

YouTube decided to eliminate some eating disorder content from its platform. We spoke with our social media consultant, Krista Carnes about the move and why it’s only one part of solving the issue with kids and their perceptions of body image. ((17:45))

AAA conducted its first environmental report sharing its goals of going electric. Fran Mayko shares more highlights from the report and how it could impact memberships going forward. ((28:30))

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