Melissa in the Morning: Religious Views at Work

Woman hands holding mustard seeds and rock with handwritten word faith. Trust in God and Jesus Christ our Lord. Christian Bible concept. The gospel of Matthew 17:20 believe, hope and faith.

Melissa in the Morning: Religious Views at Work

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last week in a case testing how far employers must go to accommodate the religious views of their employees. Former postal worker Gerald Groff, an Evangelical Christian, brought the case after the postal service signed a contract with Amazon to deliver packages all seven days of the week. Employment attorney, Gary Phelan, weighed in on the case and gave his professional feedback on it. ((00:00))

Comptroller Sean Scanlon will host the first “Urban Healthcare Summit,” the beginning of an ongoing series of roundtable discussions to examine and address healthcare obstacles faced by Connecticut residents. He shared what the series is covering and how people can weigh in with their issues. ((13:21))

News Around the Region: New Jersey umpire suggests a solution to cut down on rowdy parents interrupting little league games. Listeners weighed in on the conversation. ((22:31))

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