Melissa in the Morning: ‘Hoodwinked’

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Melissa in the Morning: ‘Hoodwinked’

Author and constitutional expert, Joe Patrina, wrote a book highlighting the brokenness of property taxation in America. Find out how his book ‘Hoodwinked’ addresses the problem and why he needs the book to land in the hands of the Supreme Court (0:00).

This week is Black Maternal Health Week. We spoke about the high risk Black mothers face in America before, during and after childbirth (14:56).

Workout Wednesday: we discuss the controversy around red dye #3. It can be found in several food and drink items, including candies, cakes and even medication. What you need to know (22:02)!

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim recently released the city’s budget proposal. He did a breakdown of it and what it means for residents (31:18).

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