Melissa in the Morning: Older Adult Benefits

A young nurse helping her female senior patient go for a walk

Melissa in the Morning: Older Adult Benefits

It’s not a handout, it’s something you actually paid for years ago. We spoke with Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc. about benefits most seniors don’t know about but should get in on! ((00:00))

Julie on the Job: Recruiters will not land you the job…but we do learn three ways to most likely land that dream job. ((08:02))

There are a lot of opinions on electric vehicles. We spoke with AAA Northest EV expert, Alec Slapky, asking all of our questions about pricing, charging stations, environmental impacts and more. ((24:30))

We are learning to be bear aware, not bear scared. We spoke with writer, Lisa Bernard, about tips to protect yourself from black bear populations in Connecticut. ((38:11))

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