Melissa in the Morning: Body Image Woes

Closeup of a young woman measuring her waist in the bathroom

Melissa in the Morning: Body Image Woes

National statistics show 46% of girls in the US ‘often’ or ‘always’ worry about their body image; for boys, it’s 25%. So, how can parents created a safer, more loving environment to secure our kids and help them overcome these vulnerabilities? Child development expert, Dr. Erica Bocknek, gave us advice on this and how adults can tackle their insecurities too. ((00:00))

A group of Connecticut middle schoolers are using their love of baking to benefit the community. We learned about Food for Friends and the four members making a difference: Ryan Murray, Zoni Hammesfahr, Marlo Gabriel and Jillian O’Connor. ((17:17))

State Senator Kevin Kelly shared the issue with affordable healthcare costs in Connecticut and how to improve it for residents. ((32:26))

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