Melissa in the Morning: Headed to the Moon

Moon surface and Earth on the horizon. Space art fantasy. Black and white. Elements of this image furnished by NASA (url:

Melissa in the Morning: Headed to the Moon

NASA announced its Artemis II crew headed to the moon in 2024. We spoke with David Mestre in Science You May Not Know about the astronauts chosen, the mission ahead of them and the significance of it all. ((00:00))

The American Red Cross stopped by for its monthly visit to discuss preparedness plans when Mother Nature wreaks havoc. Plus, John Godin with Connecticut’s chapter talked about National Volunteer Month. ((09:21))

Workout Wednesday: Myth busters when it comes to wellness hacks. Health coach, Amy Llinas, tackles cold plunges, fitness trackers and coffee and alcohol consumption. ((18:43))

This week is National Public Health Week. We spoke with Bridgeport Health Director, Ebony Jackson-Shaheed about the department, its events for the city and how it is funded. ((28:01))

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