Melissa in the Morning: Trump Indictment

Grand Jury Indictment Word Representing Prosecution And Enforcement Against Defendant 3d Illustration. Federal Crime And Legal Judgement

Melissa in the Morning: Trump Indictment

Former President Donald Trump was indicted on criminal charges in New York for his role in organizing hush money payments made to an adult film star during his 2016 campaign. The history-making indictment marks the first time a president has been charged in a criminal matter. We got perspective from a former secret service agent who now teaches criminal justice at University of New Haven. ((00:00))

Narcan nasal spray just got approval from the FDA to be sold over the counter across the country. We took your concerns over this and flushed it out with law enforcement expert, Gary MacNamara. We also talked about the possible lack of training for product when the spray hits store shelves. ((09:02))

More than 16 million Americans are diagnosed with ADHD ranging from children, teens to adults. There’s a national shortage of the medication to treat it. We found out from Dr. Andrew Wong why we are seeing a shortage of Adderall and what other remedies should be considered for kids and teens diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. ((24:58))

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