Melissa in the Morning: Monday Mournings

Sad on Christmas. Unhappy, lonely or tired man with stress, grief or depression. Family fight, loneliness, frustration or money problem on Xmas. Sick person with flu, pain and headache on holiday

Melissa in the Morning: Monday Mournings

Adam’s House is a non-profit in Shelton helping people deal with grief in a healthy way. The organization recently launched a new program called ‘Monday Mournings’ helping adults cope. We talked to the group about this new program and how people can get involved. ((00:00))

Bulk trash pick up is back in the city of Bridgeport! It’s been 19 years and so many of you have been asking for it. We get all the details from the city’s director o f public works. ((14:02))

We hear about the latest on the shuttered Stop and Shop location changing in Bridgeport. Plus, Dan Onofrio of the BRBC shares the importance of updated head shots. ((23:17))

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