Melissa in the Morning: NOT living in Fear

Woman and sad little daughter are sitting on couch and hugging. Maternal support for children concept

Melissa in the Morning: NOT living in Fear

Following the mass shooting at a Nashville elementary school, many Connecticut parents are crippled with anxiety and fear for their children’s safety. Counselor, Julius Dudics, shared tips for parents to secure themselves and their kids after tragedy strikes. ((00:00))

Fairfield residents are making a lot of noise over new ordinance proposals. First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick weighed in on why the new ideas about noise ordinance aren’t sitting well with a lot of residents, including police. ((12:33))

New data shows about 10% of US drivers damage their cars every year thanks to potholes. Now that it’s spring, this is when pesky potholes begin wreaking havoc. Fran Mayko of AAA shares tips to avoid them and how much money you risk spending to fix up your car damaged by potholes. ((26:32))

Today is Diabetes Alert Day! We spoke with primary physician, Dr. Maryam Syed, about diabetes, pre-diabetes, risks, remedies and testing. ((36:26))

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