Melissa in the Morning: GPS Tracking Device

City map navigation interface. GPS navigator vector screen, street roads and location background. City map screen interface with road destination pin, compass and traffic route direction arrows

Melissa in the Morning: GPS Tracking Device

A proposed piece of legislation looks at a GPS-tracking device pilot program and helping domestic violence victims. Senator James Maroney is fighting to bring this safety program to every municipality in the state. We dove into the bill and what has come out of the pilot program since 2010. ((00:00))

Data shows boredom is a leading cause to marriage breakdown. But there’s one tool that every couple has in their back pocket…curiosity! Marriage coach, Bob Donovan, shares how to ask questions and go deeper with your spouse and why it’s considered a game changer tool. ((16:56))

Automakers are debating removing AM radio from their electric vehicles. We speak with Kia America about their plans over new EV’s and their opinion on the national controversy. ((29:41))

It’s allergy season! We speak with allergist, Dr. Phillip Hemmers, about the biggest triggers for your allergies and how you can stay ahead of suffering this spring. ((37:28))

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