Melissa in the Morning: Desmond’s Army

Abandoned and stray dogs in enclosures in winter.

Melissa in the Morning: Desmond’s Army

Desmond’s Army is an animal advocacy group fighting for justice and legislative change when it comes to animal cruelty. We spoke with the organization’s president, Zilla Cannamela, specifically about the case of two German Shepherds killed in Ridgefield last year. But also, we discussed loopholes in Connecticut laws protecting animals. ((00:00))

According to Axios, some electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are eliminating AM radios from their cars, which government officials fear could put people at risk in an emergency. Paul Pacelli of Connecticut Today weighed in on the conversation explaining why it’s being eliminated and whether it’s a good idea. ((13:09))

There are many concerns and yet millions of people are already experimenting with the artificial intelligence ChatGPT. We asked Krista Carnes, our social media consultant, what she thinks about robots online. ((21:54))

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