Melissa in the Morning: No Longer Seasonal

Woman applying insect repellent against mosquito and tick on her leg during hike in nature. Skin protection against insect bite

Melissa in the Morning: No Longer Seasonal

Tick season never really stopped this winter. In fact, experts say we haven’t had a real break from ticks in several years. And now that tick season is a yearlong problem, there are more efforts to protect people and detect tick borne illnesses. Jessica Snajder of Partner in Lyme shared the reality of diagnoses in Connecticut. ((00:00))

We are down to 10 days before the MyCTSavings deadline. Comptroller Sean Scanlon shared why all small businesses need to contact the state before March 30th whether you need the program or not. Plus, he touched on healthcare legislation which includes a drug card for all. ((15:14))

Keep it in Connecticut: Natural Annie Essentials ((29:41))

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