Melissa in the Morning: Safe Storage

A closeup of a Tan gun in a case lined with foam.

Melissa in the Morning: Safe Storage

A 3-year-old girl in Texas gained access to a firearm and “unintentionally” shot and killed her 4-year-old sister. We talked about Ethan’s Law here in Connecticut with Senator Blumenthal and what can be done to make this a federal law. Why is there pushback and are suicide rates being considered? ((00:00))

‘Say Something’ Week continues with Gary MacNamara of Sacred Heart University. We talked about the concept of see something, say something and how it applies to college students on and off campus. ((11:09))

Doctors say there is a rise in colon cancer patients ages 55 and younger. Why? That’s what’s scary because it’s not entirely clear. We talk about the findings in depth with colorectal surgeon, Dr. Daniel Lavy and discuss the importance of screenings. ((27:06))

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