Melissa in the Morning: Into the Unknown

Stressed unemployed sitting on the stairs with her box of office properties. Economic conditions have problems and epidemics concept.

Melissa in the Morning: Into the Unknown

Following the national news of Silicon Valley Bank collapsing, the question remains ‘what happens to all the employees who were blindsided?’ Career strategist, Julie Bauke, shares tips for people to be prepared for the unknown so you aren’t completely left in the dark if your company folds. ((00:00))

Still recovering from the time change last weekend? Fran Mayko of AAA shared data proving that drivers struggle the most right after a time change. Why is that and how can we combat the problem? ((15:55))

National statistics show how addicted people are to their cell phone. Data shows 52% of Americans say that they have never gone longer than 24 hours without their cell phone. Counselor Julius Dudics talked about the importance of setting boundaries, not just for the kids but for the ENTIRE household. ((30:11))

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