Melissa in the Morning: Sugar Substitutes

Close-up of spoon with sugar on the black table

Melissa in the Morning: Sugar Substitutes

Close to thirteen million Americans are doing the Keto diet. What’s concerning: the sugar substitutes involved in the eating plans. Dr. Andrew Wong, a primary care physician with Hartford HealthCare Medical Group in Westport, shares the dangers in the sugars and what YOU need to look out for. ((00:00))

Creator of Hands 2 Paws app, Elizabeth Menegon, was back to talk about combatting the support of puppy mills. Learn what you need to look out for and how to detect deceptive ads. ((15:38))

Zoo Minute: The Mexican Wolf Recovery Program — how the Beardsley Zoo is a critical player in a national effort to bolster wolf populations. ((30:53))

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