Melissa in the Morning: TikTok Diagnosing

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Melissa in the Morning: TikTok Diagnosing

CBS shared a story this week that teens are using TikTok to self-diagnose mental health issues. We spoke with our social media consultant, Krista Carnes, about the dangerous trend. Plus Hartford Healthcare Dr. Andrew Wong, chimed in on the conversation with some tips for people online. ((00:00))

This week, the communications team for US Senator John Fetterman shared the senator is doing well since publicly sharing his struggle with depression and need for treatment. We spoke with Chair of Psychiatry at St. Vincent’s, Dr. Andre Newfield, about exposing mental health at this level and how it can relate to many other people. ((16:09))

Don’t let thieves rob your fob! Fran Mayko of AAA shared a dangerous trend we are seeing with newer cars using fobs for keys. ((27:54))

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