Melissa in the Morning: Education and Budget Address

Closed written on an old school chalkboard to symbolize the closure of schools as preventive measure during the risk of infection with the curonavirus

Melissa in the Morning: Education and Budget Address

We connected with Governor Lamont following major education stories, including the closing of Stone Academy and UConn’s rally at the state capital. We asked about those stories and took a deeper dive into some of the items in the budget address. ((

Millions of babies worldwide are born with a heart defect. We spoke with a cardiologist about the statistics and interventions used for child care. ((13:36))

Eversource is reporting record profits from 2022. We asked Senator Blumenthal about that and the FAA investigation into close calls on airport runways. ((20:38))

Zoo Minute: meet Taylor!! She’s the newest member of the Beardsley Zoo; a red wolf!

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