Melissa in the Morning: Valentine Scams

The concept of being trapped in love, being bound to love, coerced. Dangerous love.

Melissa in the Morning: Valentine Scams

One week before Valentines Day, the BBB is warning lovers to be careful of scammers. From online shopping to texting fraudsters, there’s a lot to keep an eye out for. We spoke with Kristen Johnson about trending issues and how to protect yourselves. ((00:00))

Julie on the Job: unemployment data shows there are more jobs than workers in our country. So, what should employers be thinking about to attract new workers? And it’s not just simply paying more. Career strategist, Julie Bauke explains. ((12:47))

A Fairfield staple has closed after 40 years in business. We spoke with local columnist, Steven Gaynes, about his article on Penny’s II. ((27:06))

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