Melissa in the Morning: All Things Doctor

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Melissa in the Morning: All Things Doctor

Today is National Women Physicians Day meant to honor women doctors across the country. We spoke with Dr. Robin Oshman, the President of the Fairfield County Chapter of the American Women’s Medical Association. She shared the statistics on women in the medical field and how their practices differ from male doctors. ((00:00))

February 3rd recognizes the Go Red for Women Campaign. The purpose is to inform women about their heart health. We spoke with cardiologist, Dr. Anja Wagner, about the difference in heart health for men and women and what women need to do to protect themselves. ((09:05))

A new statewide system hopes to improve communication within the health care industry. It’s called “Connie” and we learned all about it from Nuvance Health Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Albert Villarin. ((17:24))

We are learning more about the murder suicide in Bethel. We spoke with Deb Greenwood with the Center for Family Justice about this domestic violence case and the problems still lingering in our state. ((26:02))

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