Melissa in the Morning: Marijuana Rollout

Cropped shot farmer checking marijuana or cannabis plantation in greenhouse. Alternative herbal medicine, health, hemp industry concept.

Melissa in the Morning: Marijuana Rollout

Governor Lamont stopped by for the first time since marijuana products sales became legal in Connecticut. We tackled impaired driving concerns, serving underage users and the war on drugs. Plus, he answered other listener questions involving tax cuts, energy costs and combating wrong way drivers. ((00:00))

Holiday scam reports were up big time in 2022. We got an overview from Kristen Johnson of the Better Business Bureau about the top scams, the monetary losses and how you can protect yourselves from con artists. ((16:15))

A law known as a ‘game-changer’ is now in effect and impacts Connecticut residents at risk of breast or ovarian cancer. We spoke with medical professionals about this legislation and why it matters. ((25:21))

Want to lose weight in 2023? We talk to registered dietician Melissa Keeney about the dangers of cleanses and detoxes. Find out why slow and steady really does win the health race. ((36:16))

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