Melissa in the Morning: Police Recruits

police car lights at night in city with selective focus and blurry car traffic in the bokeh

Melissa in the Morning: Police Recruits

Bridgeport, like other municipalities, is experiencing a shortage of police officers. We spoke with Chief Roderick Porter and Lt. Angelo Collazo about recruitment efforts. ((00:00))

The Connecticut Audubon has a new nature preserve at Stratford Point! We spoke with Patrick Comins about the new acquired land and what it means for bird enthusiasts. ((16:54))

Tennis legend, Martina Navratilova, was just diagnosed with two cancers. Did one lead to another and how common is this scenario? We spoke with Breast Cancer Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Valerie Brutus. ((30:48))

Day one is in the books for marijuana-product sales in Connecticut. So, how does this change workplace policy and hiring practices? We asked BRBC president, Dan Onofrio. ((39:23))

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