Melissa in the Morning: Criminal Justice in CT

Police units responds to the scene of an emergency.

Melissa in the Morning: Criminal Justice in CT

Lisa Dadio came back on the show. Lisa is a retired police lieutenant and currently the assistant dean for the Center for Advanced Policing at the University of New Haven. Lisa talked about pedestrian vs car fatalities, domestic violence and a new grant to help bolster police departments. ((00:00))

Bridgeport city officials have dropped plans to spend eight-million-dollars in federal COVID funds to improve the city’s broadband infrastructure. President of the BRBC, Dan Onofrio, commented on this news and weighed in on a national business story: robots taking on more jobs at chain restaurants. ((16:40))

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim takes a look back at 2022 and what happened in the city. ((27:28))

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