Melissa in the Morning: Teachers Jumping Ship

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Melissa in the Morning: Teachers Jumping Ship

A shocking new report shows 74% of Connecticut teachers surveyed are considering quitting their jobs. What can be done to retain good teachers and find new ones fast? Fran Rabinowitz, executive director of the Association of CT Public School Superintendents, weighed in on the issue. ((00:00))

PETA submitted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission over Seaquest for unfair business practices, noting that members of the public—including children and other guests in Trumbull—have been bitten and injured at the aquarium chain. Michelle Sinnot of PETA shared why this is the next step to shut the company down. ((14:28))

After a brutal domestic violence killing in Milford, many are asking what more can be done? Deb Greenwood of the Center for Family Justice shared what victims should do besides filing for protective orders and restraining orders. ((32:30))

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