Melissa in the Morning: Sikorsky Deal Bust

Three Helicopters

Melissa in the Morning: Sikorsky Deal Bust

The military’s decision not to hire Sikorsky to build the replacement for the Black Hawk helicopter will lead to job cuts at the Stratford company. Dan Onofrio, President of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, commented on the news and if there will be a trickle effect for manufacturers and surrounding businesses. ((00:00))

Too many animals end up in shelters or out on the streets after Christmas after being adopted as gifts. We spoke with animal control in Bridgeport to learn what they are seeing this year and why pets don’t make great surprises. ((12:02))

December and January are peak months for house fires. That’s according to the American Red Cross. John Godin with the CT chapter shared tips on what to look for in your holiday decorations to avoid a blaze. ((22:25))

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