Melissa in the Morning: Mental Health Needs for Veterans

PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder. War veteran mental health issue. Word cloud sign.

Melissa in the Morning: Mental Health Needs for Veterans

We continue our weeklong coverage supporting to local veterans. We spoke with Stephanie Lynam, chief clinical officer at Homes for the Brave. She shared how her one-on-one approach to veterans is effective in diving deeper into mental health needs. ((00:00))

Men aren’t the best at booking their doctor appointments. That’s why this new facility, Tallwood Men’s Health in Fairfield, is a game changer. We learned what it’s doing as a one-stop shop for guys. ((09:35))

Following the Milford Police standoff, we got perspective from a former police chief on these situations. Gary MacNamara shared after 30 years on the force, his experience as a negotiator and handling standoffs. ((20:29))

Julie on the Job: What are you wearing? A NYT article highlighted that as generations move on, so do the standards for office attire. Julie Bauke teaches us to read the room and dress for the day ahead. ((28:49))

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