Melissa in the Morning: “Hunts Won’t Fix the Problem”

Black Bear on road Mt Rainier, Washington

Melissa in the Morning: “Hunts Won’t Fix the Problem”

Connecticut has reached a record-high for bear break-in’s. Many have debated bringing back bear hunts. Annie Hornish is the Connecticut State Director of the Human Society of the US. She explains why hunts “won’t fix the problem.” ((00:00))

A pair of artists are bringing decades of work to the public. Learn about a new exhibit next month celebrating the 100th year of two theaters in Bridgeport. ((14:26))

The Girl Scouts of America received the biggest donation in its history and Connecticut is getting $2.4 million dollars from it. Girl Scouts of CT CEO, Dianna Mahoney, shared what this money will mean for thousands for young girls. ((24:02))

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