Melissa in the Morning: Secure the Blue

Black white american monochrome flag with blue stripe or line, police support. Solid star-spangled banner waving in wind breeze.

Melissa in the Morning: Secure the Blue

In the aftermath of the Bristol police tragedy, what can Connecticut do to better back officers and attract people to this line of work? We got perspective from Gary MacNamara, former chief of Fairfield Police Dept. ((00:00))

Starting today, hearing aids can be bought for less money and without a prescription! We checked in with the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare to talk about the significance of this and what you need to know. We also talked about Medicare Open Enrollment and the upcoming change for Social Security COLA. ((13:32))

Can employers better accommodate workers with ADHD or dyslexia? We chat with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities to learn ways that won’t break the bank to become more inclusive to all. ((23:18))

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