Melissa in the Morning: Parechovirus

Young mother, holding her sick toddler boy, hugging him at home, sunny living room

Melissa in the Morning: Parechovirus

1. A Connecticut mother shared her story of losing her newborn to a horrific illness called parechovirus. Kat Delancy told us about her son Ronan and what doctors found out too late. ((00:00))

2. And continuing the conversation about parechovirus, Dr. Andrew Wong, a primary care physician with Hartford HealthCare Medical Group in Westport, informed us about the illness. What is it? How do you contract it? Can you test for it? How common is it? ((13:11))

3. Republican candidate for governor, Bob Stefanowski, answered listener questions about his run for office and what he would do when it comes to hot-button topics. ((23:54))

4. The Power to B jewelry collection was created to empower people with inspirational phrases. Now the founding sisters of the popular jewelry line have put those words into action by donating nearly $3,000 to charities that help families and children. ((36:22))

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