Melissa in the Morning:  Fairfield Shooting

Generic and blurry police lights from a cruiser vehicle and car headlights behind yellow crime scene do not cross caution tape at night.

Melissa in the Morning: Fairfield Shooting

1. A 15-year-old Bridgeport boy is dead and a female victim is wounded following a shooting at a large party in Fairfield. Lt. Michael Paris gave us the latest on the investigation. ((00:10))
2. Brad Pitt recently shared that he has undiagnosed facial blindness. What is that and how do you cope with it? Dr. Zara Kahn is a neurologist and gave us the details on this. ((08:14))
3. A new program is pairing musicians with The Greater Bridgeport Symphony and city students. GBS Executive Director, Mark Halstead, shared the big news. ((15:40))

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