Melissa in the Morning: A Ride the Morning After

An MTA train arrives at Clinton Washington station. Seen from the platform.

Melissa in the Morning: A Ride the Morning After

1. After the Brooklyn subway shooting, how can people confidently get back on public transportation? Gary MacNamara, the Executive Director of Public Safety and Government Affairs at Sacred Heart University, shared how to prepare yourself for an attack and help police spot trouble. ((00:10))

2. The Fuller Foundation is looking for volunteers and donations to help those in Ukraine. Tyriece Fuller of Trammell Enterprises LLC is collaborating with the foundation. He shared the goal of their work and how you can help. ((11:55))

3. Greenwich High School is hosting its annual Safe Driving Day today. We learned from health teacher, Kathy Steiner, what’s happening and why it matters. ((20:26))

4. Science You May Not know: An updated message for aliens ((28:02)) 

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