Melissa in the Morning: Save the Game

A macro of a baseball with red stitching and room for copy on the ball, the ball fills the frame with stitching moving vertically in the shot.

Melissa in the Morning: Save the Game

1. Save The Game is a grass roots initiative to invigorate Major League Baseball and increase youth participation in the game. The initiative was co-launched by Kevin Gallagher of Pace University. We learned about Gallagher’s book, “Teach Your Kid to Hit … So they Don’t Quit,” as the genesis of the movement and what it’s all about. ((00:10))

2. Ahead of Passover, a local Rabbi is handing out more than 1,200 packages of matzah to the community. We spoke with Rabbi Shlame Landa about the effort and the meaning of Passover. ((12:03))

3. SVMC will be the first in the state to use the latest robotic technology for neurosurgery. It’s a 3D scope system that lead neurosurgeon Dr. Pedro Coutinho tells us all about. ((26:09))

4. This week is National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week and Fran Mayko of AAA shares what drivers can do to better protect construction workers. ((33:24))

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