Life Talk with Mariette

Life Talk with Mariette

LifeTalk with Mariette

Westport, CT –  KmarEducational Services, Inc.,,  a not-for-profit organization is launching a new self-empowering program in conjunction with Lt. Jim Perez, Fairfield Police, Fairfield, CT., Consultant + Trainer.

This is a powerful series of Situational Awareness Workshops that will teach a better sense of situation awareness and is called “ Run Hide Fight “ Active Shooter/Threat Preparation.

These workshops will help and serve to keep our communities safer, while allowing individuals to be more prepared to respond if, or when, confronted with a real-life emergency.  Lt. Jim Perez is known for his outstanding, educational presentations and for his experience, dedication and ability to engage his audience is a true gift.

Our first workshop October 15th will be held at Ripka’s Beach Café, 99 Calf Pasture Beach Rd, Norwalk, CT.  6:30pm-8:30pm . For reservation and payment go to and see additional dates and location information.

Contact: Mariette Kammerer 203-505-3660


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Mariette Kammerer,

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A passionate participant of the ‘cycle and circle’ of life experiences and challenges.

Intuitive Life, Business + Reinvention Coach – Reiki Practitioner and avid “student” of Energy Psychology Techniques, freeing people of limiting self-beliefs.

A teacher of personal growth and development, a visionary of skills and talents, an architect of mind, direction, travel and arrival.


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