Melissa in the Morning: Behind the Scenes

The Bridgeport Police Department is furthering their initiative surrounding recruitment by hosting physical agility exam demonstrations. The demonstration is being used as a tool to encourage and help prospective candidates successfully pass the physical agility course; a requirement needed to become a Bridgeport Police Officer. We spoke with Police Chief Roderick Porter. ((00:00))

Earlier this month, the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Stone Academy and we learned the results from the audit of the school. Senator Kevin Kelly shared more on the findings and what it means for Connecticut. He also touched on a newly released report showing how Connecticut is doing in the workforce sector… ((13:11))

Former interim Bridgeport Police Chief Rebeca Garcia retired after being passed over for the permanent position. We found out how life has been since she left the force and her plans to run for city council. ((27:07))

IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images Plus