Melissa in the Morning: Bear Legislation in CT

Bear encounters continue to be a problem in Connecticut. Senator Steve Harding is a ranking senator on the Environmental Committee. He shared the current legislation being debated in Hartford and says he’s confident it will pass with bi-partisan support, that is IF it gets out of committee. ((00:00))

It takes a village to raise a child and one group in Ridgefield is hoping to help. It’s called Parent Circle, a free group-therapy opportunity for residents to come together and support each other while raising their kids. We spoke with the group leader, Doug Barile, about the program. ((14:21))

Connecticut was recently ranked number 7 for best mental health care in the country. We spoke with Dr. Andre Newfield about the findings and what it means during May’s Mental Health Awareness Month. ((28:17))

A former E! News correspondent spoke out about her recent battle with pancreatic cancer. We spoke with Dr. Charles Cha about the serious illness and whether you can easily detect it ahead of time. ((35:43))

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