Melissa in the Morning: Four-Day Work Week

Most of the companies participating in a four-day workweek pilot program in Britain said they had seen no loss of productivity during the experiment, and in some cases had seen a significant improvement. Career strategist, Julie Bauke, shares why this new way of work scheduling could be the ‘golden handcuffs’ employers are looking for. ((00:10))

New information shows more and more Americans are getting their news from online platforms. But what does the data really mean? Social media consultant, Krista Carnes, explains it’s not all bad. ((14:04))

November 14th marks Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. It’s a national movement to combat racism and bullying at schools. AAA’s Fran Mayko shares the details of the day and why Connecticut schools should get involved. ((24:32))

The Trumbull Library is looking for the mystery family related to people in photos that date back to the 1930’s. Library director, Stefan Lyhne-Nielsen, told us how the photos ended up at the library and why they need the public’s help. ((39:39))

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