Bridgeport Rescue Mission – Grand Opening

Bridgeport Rescue Mission – Grand Opening

September 14th, 2022, at 3:00 PM is the Grand Opening of Bridgeport Rescue Mission’s new location at 725 Park Ave., Bridgeport, CT. Donors and supporters are welcomed to celebrate this occasion, and experience how Bridgeport Rescue Mission is expanding efforts to continue providing addiction recovery programs, housing, food distribution, medical care, and other vital services to our most vulnerable neighbors.

The grand opening will include a special presentation and a tour of our new facilities.  Political leaders of our community, Mayor Joe Ganim of Bridgeport, Mayor Mark Lauretti of Shelton, Mayor Richard Dziekan of Derby and more, will be joining us to celebrate this great event. “Since 1993, Bridgeport Rescue Mission has served the needy, poor, and often neglected people in our community.  We believe that our new five-story building in the heart of Bridgeport will allow us to better fulfill our motto, Expanding Hope Rebuilding Lives,” said Larry Fullerton, Executive Director.

Bridgeport Rescue Mission offers services and programs including: safe housing, where men and women are provided clothing and hot meals;  the “New Life” and “Abundant Life” programs, where residential clients are provided help and training to overcome struggles with life-dominating issues related to addiction and homelessness; a weekly food pantry and café, that offers groceries and warm meals to the hungry; and a resource center that offers free on-site healthcare services, mental health counseling, and medical screening to people in the community. The programs and services provided by Bridgeport Rescue Mission are faith based and free of charge, granting our neighbors in need an opportunity for hope and a pathway to change.

After struggling with unemployment and homelessness, Mark entered one of our Life programs and began his journey of recovery.  Today, Mark is employed and looking forward to helping others, including his family members.  “I was going through problems with my job. I tried my best to do everything on my own. I didn’t have God in my life and it wasn’t the way to go. Once I got here the closeness that these people showed me how God really can work in your life, that is what really got me going and let me know there is hope.”

At Bridgeport Rescue Mission, we believe that every person is entitled to an opportunity for hope and change.   Join us on September 14th and experience how Bridgeport Rescue Mission help transform lives and expand hope in our community.